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Wifi Switch

Shenzhen HidinTech is one of the best wifi switch manufacturers in China. We produce smart wifi switches including smart light switches, wifi dimmer switches, wifi curtain switches, wifi switch outlets, etc.. Our main customer is electrical contractors,electrical smart home suppliers,home automation distributors, wifi light switch companies, buyers, manufacturer's representatives, dealers, wholesalers, supply chain companies, resellers, and organizations. You could get the best wifi light switch wholesale price and service from us. 


  • MOQ: Product in stock /1 PC
  • Custom products: 500 PCS
  • Quality: ETL,SAA,CE,ROHS,FCC listed. This is all could be checked on the official website. 
  • ISO9001 smart light switch company
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Professional after-sales team
  • Support logo printing on the surface or backside of wifi products

Our wifi smart home devices include:

US standard wifi wall light switch

KS-801 Wifi Touch Light Switch  
KS-602 wifi remote control light switch
KS-602S Tuya Physical button Wifi Wall Switch
KS-602H/K wifi controlled light switch
KS-602F 3 way wifi light switch bulk

US standard smart dimmer switch

KS-7011 wifi dimmer switch digital screen
KS-7012 wifi light switch dimmer

AU standard wifi smart switch

KS-811 wifi smart wall switch
KS-821 smart wall socket


EU standard wifi remote light switch

KS-601 Wifi touch control light switches
TB11/TB12/TB13 wifi controlled switch
KS-611 wifi enabled light switch
KS-605 dimmable wifi light switch supplier
KS-641 waterproof 3-way wifi switch
KS-607 smart curtain switch

TH standard smart light switch supplier

TB21/TB22/TB23 wifi electrical switch

EG standard wifi light switch factory

TB31 mini light switch


TB41 Wifi Switch Module

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