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HidinTech is the best smart home ZigBee manufacturers in China. Our custom smart products are sold well all over the world to importers, distributors, wholesalers, buyers, dealers, supply chain companies, vendors, resellers, and so on. We are your reliable business partner with quality assured products and factory-direct prices.


  • MOQ: NO MOQ for stock ; 
  • Quality: ZigBee certified products like CE, ROHS, FCC. 
  • ZigBee app: Tuya Smart Life 
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Professional after-sales team
  • OEM/ODM are welcome
  • Branding your logo on the products, either with stickers or prints. 
  • Our ZigBee products use the unified standard ZigBee standard 3.0.


What is ZigBee? 

What is ZigBee's advantage?

ZigBee technology is ultra-low power consumption, self-organizing network system control, stable signal, indoor effective ZigBee range of about 30-70 meters. The biggest advantage of the ZigBee protocol is that it can automatically form a device network to link the direct data transmission of each ZigBee device. However, in this self-organized network, a central node is needed to manage the entire ZigBee network. , Which means that there must be a component similar to a "router" in the ZigBee device network, connecting each device together to achieve the linkage effect between ZigBee devices.
And this additional "router" component is what we call a smart hub or ZigBee gateway.

ZigBee vs Wifi
1. You could control up to 100pcs ZigBee devices at the same time via the ZigBee bridge. While the wifi switch is only up to 10pcs. 
2. ZigBee home automation products need a smart hub, while wifi products don't. 
3. ZigBee smart home is more energy efficient.

Our ZigBee products include,
ZigBee hub Google Home for all over the world TZ01
ZigBee products australia KS-811, TB21
ZigBee devices Alexa US KS-602Z
ZigBee smart home devices TB11, KS-601Z

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