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US Smart Dimmer Switch
Transform the living environment with a smart modern dimmer switch for led lights!

Smart dimming switch will definitely become a trend, and the demand will continue to grow.  Milfra (Shenzhen Hidin Tech) is your best smart dimmer switch manufacturer source to enhance the home decoration, to provide better customer experience, or to expand your business.
Product Launch Time 
At the end of 2018, after the KS602 series became an explosive model, Milfra launched two hot-selling best wifi dimmer switches KS7011/KS7012.

Types of smart dimmer switch google home from Hidintech
Milfra app-controlled dimmer switch has the characteristics that perfectly meet the needs of the public. In order to enrich our product line, we have made two designs of wireless dimmer switches. For different customers to choose the most suitable products.
- KS-7011 US Standard Full Range Stepless Digital Dimmer Switch
- KS-7012 American Standard 6 Grade Smart Dimmer Switch Alexa


Design Concept
The dimming function is extended on the basis of the on/off switch. It makes the application scenarios of smart switches more extensive, 
smart live a label of the new era and leads the trend of life. Our smart dimming switch products use private molds. So the design is very delicate. Compared with the general model, it shows the modernity and uniqueness. From appearance design, software development, hardware development, trial production and debugging, optimization to the final finished effect, all Milfra internal staff have made concerted efforts to complete it.

Comfortable Product Experience
Smartphone controlled dimmer switch using classic and practical button design. It based on the Wi-Fi control method so that you can implement control of the lights on the Smart Life/Tuya Smart app from anywhere. Its function is concise and clear.No matter what kind of personnel, it is easy to operate. Just press the button, you can change dim or brighten the light, or to create the atmosphere for any occasion. (* Please note that this smart led dimmer switch cannot be used for 3-way smart dimmer switch)


What's the advantage of Milfra Wireless Led Dimmer Switch?
Milfra is one of the best smart home dimmer switch companies for the internet of things suppliers, companies, importer, distributors, buyers,  and wholesalers. Get the best wifi controlled dimmer switch price from us.
1. No MOQ
2. Brand your logo on a wireless wall dimmer switch in bulk
3. OEM/ODM with a professional R&D team
4. Private mold make it unique and contemporary
Short Leadtime
6. Dropshipping
7. Best Alexa dimmer switch wholesale price
8. 12 months warranty
9. The after-sale service team
10. ETL/FCC listed
The benefits of a remote control dimmer switch for led lights.
1.Energy savings
You could dim your lights to save energy. The amount of light output is diminished, the less electricity is consumed.
2. Dramatically increase comfort for eyes
It would avoid your eyes from direct strong lights in darkness when turning on lights at night
3.Extend the lifespan of led lights
Less usage increased the bulb lifespan.
4. Décor. 
Upgrade the outlook of your wall by installing a smart light switch dimmer or double dimmer switch in a few minutes. 

Milfra KS-7011/KS-7012 Product Features
- Chip type: ESP8266
- App: "smart life", "Tuya Smart" or all customized apps from Tuya
- Using a magnetic latching relay, it can be connected to 3W to 150W (LED), 500W (INC) lamps. In the case of excessive flow, the internal fuse will automatically blow to protect internal components.
- The 7011/7012 wifi enabled dimmer switches are all neutral + live wire type. The rear shell is with a neutral wire and a ground wire access to fully protect the safety of users.
- For a good remote dimmer switch, the function is one part, the best dimmer switch quality and safety are another important part. 7011/7012 has passed ETL/FCC certification.
- LED light dimmer switch technology is based on SCR. It does not generate a hum, so it is also suitable for use in hollow walls. Based on the Tuya Wi-Fi solution, no smart hub required.
- Using a one-piece panel, it looks simple and crisp. It can also be used with American standard size 2/3/4 gang cover. 1 gang smart wifi dimmer switch, 2 poles dimmer switch, 3 gangs IoT dimmer switch, 4 gangs remote dimmer light switches for option.
- Single dimmer switch, dual dimmer switches for led lights, triple dimmer switches, or four dimmer switches by one packaging. That is 1pc, 2pcs, 3pcs or 4pcs in one package as your need.

Types of adjustable lamps
Incandescent lamps, LED lamps, down lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, 
dimmable led lights, halogen/incandescent bulbs, etc. 

Suitable Scene

Bedrooms, study rooms, halls, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, parties, etc. The smart in-wall dimmer switch can be used in scenes that require specific lighting.

Suitable Countries
US standard wireless dimmer light switch fits many countries, North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, etc) South America ( Chile, Brazil, Colombia, etc) South Asia(Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc). As its Wide voltage design 110V-250V, you could also use it as long as the wall switch hole fits the size.

It is packed in a gift box. The inside is a brown box, and the outside is wrapped in an envelope. The packaging design is very popular with customers.

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