Milfra Smart Home Wifi Switch Manufacturer

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US Smart Light Switch
Milfra is one of the best smart home wifi switch manufacturer in China. With seven years of customized processing experience, we could fully meet the needs of customers. Our customers are wholesalers, agents, brand manufacturers, traders, electrical service providers, those who are engaged in LED lighting, and want to expand their product line, etc. Every year, we will launch some new products to keep up with the changing market. In response to the different needs of American customers, we have made a variety of switches with different options. 

We always insist on safety and quality first. All our wifi smart switches use PC-V0 fire-retardant material. All remote wireless light switch products are 100% rigorous test before packing and shipping. We also value customer experience and feedbacks. Through continuous improvement, we keep on providing customers with better products. 

Milfra 's advantages,
* 7 year's devotes in smart light switch wifi industry
* Professional OEM ODM team
* Stocks available
* ETL/FCC certificated
* Free technical support
* Fast shipping
* 12 months warranty

Our wifi remote light switch products include,
US standard wifi light switch size: 120*70*35.5MM
KS-602 touch screen smart wireless switch for home
KS-602S physical button smart wifi switch. It's one of the most popular switches in the United States
KS-602H/K is the same push-button wireless light switch as KS-602S, but the appearance is different
KS-602F 3 way smart light switch

All remote control light switches not only have traditional light switches function but also have the function of wifi smart wall switch. 
* Voice control Google Home light switch, Alexa light switch - Let your hands-free
* App controlled light switch from far away - Don't need to worry about leaving the lights on. 
* Timer and schedule function - It could be used as a wifi timer switch. Once the time is set, it will work as your setting.
* Sharing function
* Group function
* Led indicator smart home switch

Suitable Scenes for End-Customer
When some family has leg injury or inconvenience, they can use a mobile phone or voice control wifi wall switch to turn on off the lights. 
When you are busy taking care of a child, you can’t leave or free your hands to switch on the lights. The smart electrical switches are your best choice. 
When you forget to turn off the lights and go outside, you can control the wifi power switch remotely to save energy. 

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