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As we all know, ZigBee home automation is very hot in these years. How can we get into this new ZigBee smart home devices business?
Turn to Hidintech will be a shortcut for you. Hidintech is a top smart home hubs manufacturer supplier in China. We have dedicated to this industry for more than 7 years. Our ZigBee hub devices are sold all over the world, including North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Mid-East, and Asia.

What is ZigBee smart home hubs?
Among the smart home technology, Wifi and ZigBee are the most popular smart home protocols. The difference is that ZigBee needs a google home automation hub, while wifi smart house devices don't. The ZigBee smart hubs play a centralized home automation controller of other ZigBee products. 
So why people still prefer ZigBee home automation products?
There are lots of advantages of ZigBee technology. The most famous is energy saving. And it could control around 100pcs of ZigBee devices at one time via a ZigBee bridge. The wifi devices could only connect to 12 to 15pcs at the most. 

Our ZigBee gateway hub uses standard 3.0. This way, it could be compatible with a different brand of ZigBee devices like Hue, SmartThingor others. ZigBee hub compatible devices include ZigBee light switches, doorbell, curtain switches, etc. 

Order information about smart house hubs from Hidintech
ZigBee hub app: Tuya Smart Life 
No MOQ for stock ones
500pcs for customized OEM orders
ZigBee hub Google Home Alexa voice control
Free technical support
Fast shipping
12 months warranty

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