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KS-602Z Zigbee Smart Light Switch

Item No.: KS-602Z
ETL listed ZigBee Smart Light Switch
Support OEM/ODM
Free SDK
Description Specifications
KS-602 Series have many families. 

KS-602 tuya wifi touch switch
KS-602S physical button tuya wifi switch
KS-602F wifi smart light switch 3 way
KS-602Z ZigBee Wall Switch

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Name KS-602Z ZigBee Wireless Switch
Certificate ETL CE ROHS FCC
Color white ZigBee smart light switch
Size 120*70*35.5mm
Panel Material Glass touch panel
Base Material Flame retardant PC-V0

Notes: ZigBee smart light switch needs to work with ZigBee Hub. Our products TZ01 is Zigbee 3.0 protocol. This is good for compatibility with other ZigBee products.