Smart Home Manufacturer & Supplier Complete Guide

How to choose the smart home Manufacturer?

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    With the rapid increase in smart product market requirements, there are more and more smart home businesses. So, how to choose reliable smart home automation manufacturers?

Clear the qualification and core strength of the factory

     It’s necessary for the factory to have a business license and production license normally. Moreover, it should have a stable R&D department to provide reliable smart homes technology and after-sales service, etc. It will be best if the factory applies product certifications according to different markets. In case the brand customers can’t apply the bar code by themselves, so they can use the factory’s bar code directly.
     Products have certification means quality is guaranteed. Especially electronic smart home appliances
     Because the electronics certification is quite strict to approve. From “products itself”(stability test, inspection report, risk assessment, etc) →“purchase material ”(Supplier’s selection and management, ensure the quality and lead time)→material inspection (according to the acceptance standard can check and remove almost defective items)→ Arrange production (hardware, software confirmation and monitor process of production)→Semi-finished/finished products inspection(meet the product quality standard)→Storage and transportation (Material protection). All processes are the keys to control product quality.
     Usually, the qualified & big factory can approve certification only, such as ISO quality certification, GMP certification, etc.
Products whether have certificated, all can be checked on the certified website.
     For example, The certification of Hidin Tech is as below pictures. If you need all our certifications, please contact us.


Visit and check the factory If you have time

     It’s more useful to visit the factory for checking instead of your survey online. You can come to the factory to check whether have the R&D team, the production line, the production equipment, the production capacity, the test room, etc. To check whether the factory distinguishes the work area clear, and the status of sanitary conditions. The production line doesn’t have to be big, but all production equipment and the process must be all completed and normative. This is the key to make sure the production capacity. If the process of products is unclear and doesn't have enough equipment. It will be a big issue when the factory has many orders but product capacity could not meet the order requirement.
    As one of the top smart home companies in China,
 Hidin Tech could be able to produce and deliver on time with high quality. 
Below is the on-site photos of factories and companies.


Whether have R&D and Innovation ability

    Smart products industry as a high profile industry, There is no doubt that it will improve the competitiveness of products and earn more advantages if factory have R&D and innovation ability
    In December 2013. Hidin Tech manufactured the first one smart production which is Smart Portable Plug KS -501. Smart Plug KS-501 have different standard include US/UK/EU/FR different standard. We got the CE, RoHS, RED certification, and gain patent certification of product design in the same year.
    In June 2014. Our first one smart home USA Switch KS-602 is developed and marketed. Google smart home 
witch KS-602 became the best selling wifi smart home light switch on the Amazon platform. We passed ETL,cETL, FCC certification at the end of the year. Hidin Tech became the first batch smart home company for US smart switch in the whole industry.
    In December 2014. Our first EU Touch switch KS-601 was launched and quite popular in European markets. Customers favor this EU switch with a perfect three-dimensional touch screen. This model switch has good feedback from many countries.     It passed CE, RoHS, RED certification, and design patent certification in February 2014.
   In March 2015, We developed a series of US Alexa smart home switches such as Model KS-602H/KS-602S. These two model switches have physical button designs that bring the new trend in the switch industry. Gain many orders form the USA, Canada, and other markets. It passed ETL,cETL.FCC certifications.
   In 2015, We launched a Germany & France wall socket, which aims to extend the socket business of the European market.
   In 2016, the US smart dimmer switch was developed which passed the ETL.ETL, FCC certificated standard.
   In 2017, Smart IR remote control is finished, Realized the whole IR home appliance integration such as Air condition, TV, etc. It changes IR devices into smart home gadgets and mobile phones into a smart home controller

   In 2018, We developed EU &UK device, enter the Mid East market
   In 2019, US smart 3-way switch KS-602F is launched and passed ETL,cETL,FCC certification.
   In 2020, wifi docking station is launched. This wifi USB hub solves the problem of insufficient USB ports or charging ports.


Product Quality Control Ability

   Some factories reduce product price in order to win the competition in the market,  They don’t care about reducing the quality of products. Adopted non-fireproof material. Decrease the quantity of QC. Even the factory without test equipment tool to check quality etc. It will be a big issue of safety.
   You need to check and know the factory whether setting up the important positions such as warehouse’s QC, online test, QC, etc.
   To check the test equipment whether are reasonable, whether open to using, The engineer whether knowing the quality management methods and so on.
   Only have a comprehensive understanding of the factory, to ensure that your products can be perfect production.
   As a regular factory will be equipped with professional quality control persons. Ensure each batch of raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished products, and finished products will be kept a sample in the factory.
  To ensure the traceability of quality problems throughout the whole process. Multiple monitoring, problems found can be corrected in time. The professional quality inspection process is the premise to guarantee product quality.
   Hidintech's detection process is as follows,
Raw Materials Check Inline Inspection Fully Tested before Packaging Final Inspection     

 Check Sample and Quotation

    After the above preliminary confirmation of home automation companies, you are more clear the state of factory operation. You can ask the supplier to provide samples and quotations and products certification at the same time. Each factory has different their own advantages, such as plants that process materials become more and more professional, their products are following the market segment. Almost traditional switch factories just manufacture traditional switch only. Smart home devices manufacturers who manufacture smart products only.
    It’s more reliable to choose professional factories which manufactured related products for many years. Almost all parts are guaranteed because they are experts in this industry.
    When you check the quotation, never don’t suggest you choose the lowest priced products. Different price has a different quality, during the negotiation the order with a salesman, you should focus on sale person’s service and sincerity. How quotation and sample they supplied. Compared with different factory details information and you will determine the best reliable quotation.
    Most of the time, Hidin Tech has stock samples available for your testing. If you want to get our catalog and price list, please click IoT devices to contact us. 

The coordination factory is the most key point

    The professional coordination of Factory seems to decide your product's order whether can be processed successfully, quality control, and produce on time.
    How to check the factory coordination? From the worker.
    Observed the workers how to do their job and attitude. In addition, you also can know the factory’s reputation and they serve customers cases from the third party, etc.
    Also can not blindly emphasize the requirements of the other side of the qualification to have more strong better, find and match their own factory is good.
    What a factory provides is a service, both professional and good service can make long term business. But you don’t need to blindly emphasize the requirement of factory qualification how more strong and better. You should find the factory which matched you're required.
   Because some famous factory with high qualification, their products MOQ is much higher due to they don’t shortage of orders. Even you meet the product MOQ, they Probably not spend more time to follow your order and serve you. This is why you should find a suitable factory which can match your requirement and order quantity and quality control systems. If the factory service you pretty good and become your loyal supplier, you can consider cooperating with them long term business.

   Hidintech will try out best to meet your request. Most of our products have stock. It will be no MOQ for stock ones. If you want to customize the smarthome products or have any smart home ideas
, please write to 

Find the export experience supplier to cooperation

    If the brand customer’s products need to be exported, products almost are customized solutions. A conscientious and professional OEM manufacturer with expert experience would provide suggestions and resources. It will save you time and money if you work with that supplier.
    Hidin Tech has 7 years of export and R&D experience. We have rich experience in smart device customization. It can meet all aspects perfectly.

Factory after-sales service

   Whether the service process is consummate, whether it can be solved quickly and timely if have an issue.
   To cooperate with a suitable & reliable smart home automation supplier is a long term win-win process for both two-party.         
    Hidin Tech is looking forward to becoming your smart home products business partner. We aim to bring more technological convenience for everyone. Let more people enjoy smart home life. Click Hidintech to know more. 

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