How to choose the light wall switch

How to choose the light wall switch

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Do you know that the light switch malfunction is one of the most common reasons for the light broken?

There are not surprised, light switch at least was used twice every day, it means to be used approximated one thousand times every year. The switch button or other inside electronic parts will be old and broken. To ensure light switch have enough long life that could not make you disappointed, the light switch has to be high quality and durable!

In our normal life, there are have various kinds of light switches with different quality, this is why important for you to choose the correct and stable quality light switch which can meet your requirements. 

There has a way to clear light switch type by distinguishing switch gang quantity: Including one gang, two gangs, three gangs or more gangs switch. 
For example, 1 gang switch is connected 1 light, 2 gang switch is connected 2 lights, 3 gang switch connects 3 lights. 
Please pay attention, for each gang switch to have max load power, you should select the correct switch type to connect the lighting according to the load power of lamps. 

Another way to choose light switch type by differentiating the light switch whose quantity to control the same light :As normally, the experts divide into 1 way, 3 way, and 4 way light switch. 
There are explained 1-way switch is one light switch to control the lamp in one location.
A 3-way switch which is 2 light switches to control the same light in two different locations.
A 4-way switch means 3 different locations switch to connect the same light. 
In the house, a 1-way switch is almost can be used in different places which are the best popular type and wide useful light switch. Simple installment and easy control.
End-consumer favors buying this practical light switch.

Another part, 3 way and 4 way light switch are mainly used in stairs or bedroom. 
For example, when you go up the stairs in the darkness, you can turn on the light when you walk in the first floor when you arrived the second floor, you just turn off the light switch which is on the second floor and don’t need go back to the first floor to off. 
It’s useful for you to avoid walking back to turn off light. In short, the different location switch is synchronous with the lamp status.
If you live in a big house or villa, then 3 way and 4 way light switch will be more useful for you. These models will come in handy. 

The light switch design also different according to the actions used to turn the light on/ off by users.
The toggle switch is the most commend type by pushing the joystick up and down to control lamps.
Another type of light switch is with a physical button, it’s very easy to control even your hand is busy to hold other things. A physical button switches also a popular style in whole markets, you can find that in many homes. They just need you to press the button on and off. 

If a simple light switch can’t meet your all requirements, they have a more complicated and functional light switch was called a special light switch.

The special function light switch aims to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Including Dimmer switch & Group switch. What’s more completed functions such as timer switch and sport sensor models. Sensor switch can turn on and off when people pass by the sensor.

And the smart light switch is developed on the traditional mechanical light switch. It added the app control, voice control, timer to make your life more convenient. 

Combined suitable devices for lighting, to invest high-quality light switch can help you decrease the repair cost and provide a more stable and reliable lighting system in your house!

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