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ZigBee IoT

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Update time : 2020-09-22 17:41:47
ZigBee home automation is an important part of Zigbee IoT

Through the comparison of IoT protocols, ZigBee technology is well known to used on low-cost, low-power IoT devices. What's more, it could be connected to 100pcs ZigBee IoT devices at the same time. If the ZigBee protocol is 3.0, you could use a ZigBee certified gateway from any brands to control all your home automation ZigBee products. 

ZigBee vs Wifi 

Wifi IoT devices could only connect no more than 30pcs simultaneously. ZigBee could be connected to 100pcs ZigBee devices through a ZigBee hub.
You have to add a ZigBee IoT gateway to control all these ZigBee low power products. While wifi products.

Where to buy ZigBee products?

If you want to buy wholesale ZigBee bridge and wireless switches or OEM ZigBee IoT devices, please click ZigBee home to contact us.
For Retail, please visit www.milfra.com

Please click ZigBee IoT devices to see more smart home automation common IoT devices.
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