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Tuya Smart Manufacturer - Smart Electrical Expo 2020

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Update time : 2020-10-12 18:05:12

Tuya Smart Electrical Expo 2020 is in progress in October. The global expo is open to showing ideal and reliable electrical tuya smart manufacturers and products. The link is https://pages.tuya.com/Smart_Electrical

Why we choose Tuya Smart to be our close partner for so many years?
The Tuya Smart platform integrates various tuya smart automation products you need. You could control all of these smart life products only by the Tuya smart life app. Additionally, it has a huge consumer group. It's very convenient for both consumers and buyers. 

In this activity, Tuya smart platform recommended a batch of high-quality smart products and smart home companies in China for wholesalers, brand buyers. Among them, Hidintech was rated as one of the best tuya smart home suppliers. We believe quality and safety will let us go further.

Our Advantage to be a Tuya Smart Life Supplier :

7 Year's experience

We are a professional smart home automation manufacturer in China. We only focus on smart home products.  

Low MOQ 

We accept small quantities of orders for stock available ones to start your smart business. You could quickly get into the smart market with our technical support. You don't have to cost too much to develop new products. Neither takes a long time to develop a new product and wait for production. We also support to brand your logo on the products. 

Best Tuya Smart Products Wholesale Price
As Hidintech is a smart home manufacturer, we could offer our customers the best bulk price. 

OEM ODM Supported
Of course, if you want to use Tuya developer to make your own design development, we could also make OEM custom products for you. We could fully meet your needs with a professional team and a rich local source.

Wide Range of Smart Electrical Products for option

Our products include Tuya smart plugs and sockets, Tuya smart switches, dimmer switches, curtain switches, module controller, Tuya garage door opener, etc.  
Tuya smart switches include wifi switches and ZigBee switches.

More Services
Free Tuya SDK, free technical support, free aftersale services, 12 months warranty. 
Are you interested to know more about tuya compatible devices? Click Tuya Smart Manufacturer to contact get a catalog. 
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