KS-602F 3-way Smart Switch Wiring Problem
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KS-602F 3-way Smart Switch Wiring Problem

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Update time : 2020-09-07 15:39:34
Question from Ken in Puerto Rico


I purchased a smart switch, KS-602F to replace a three way switch. Do I also have to replace the other 3 way switch that this circuit is tied to with another smart switch?


Good day!

If you have two pcs of KS-602F Tuya 3 way switch, you could replace both two. 
If you only have one pc of the KS-602F, it's also ok to change your old 3-way switch by replacing one switch. Please kindly note that only the light switch connected to the load wire or lights should be replaced KS-602F.  The load wire is not through electricity. The other 3-way wireless light switch doesn't need to be replaced.  If replacing the wrong switch, it will not work well. 

3-way smart switch wiring as below,

KS-602F belongs to the KS-602 series, it has KS-602, KS-602S, KS-602H/K for wholesale option. Please see Kesen light switch to see more.

If you have a further problem with the KS-602F 3-way smart switch wiring, 
please click Tasmota 3 way switch to contact us. 

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