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Hidintech smart switch TB21 essential for smart home

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Update time : 2020-10-12 14:55:58
The popularity of smart homes has enabled me to realize my expectations for smart products and made me a smart home fan. Many smart home products are used in my home. These products can be switched on and off at will through settings, such as scene lights in restaurants, balconies, and bathrooms. I don't need to modify the first decoration problem and then think of ways to adjust it. It is convenient and easy to use the smart switch directly. There are many such smart products on the market. After repeated selections, I still chose the hidintech smart switch TB21.
In the past, when I was decorating my home, I didn't arrange the positions of various switches reasonably. As a result, whenever you want to adjust the position of furniture, you always have to consider the position of various socket switches. Fortunately, various problems were solved by replacing it with Hidintech smart switch.
  The general problems of designing switches are as follows:
1. The early decoration did not make a reasonable plan, and when I checked in, I found that the layout of the switch cable was not ideal. I want to try adding a few wireless switches where you need it to change this embarrassing situation;
2. Friends who want to use various household appliances more conveniently and easily
3. Friends who are being renovated and want to save a little more decoration costs when they are renovating, and spend their budget elsewhere.
  For me, the cost of installing a smart switch is much cheaper than the cost of traditional switch wiring + labor.
My biggest requirement is to be able to switch the lights at any time. Traditional switches are restricted by wiring and can only be installed at various doorways such as the door of the restaurant and the door of the bedroom.
  Based on this situation, various smart home products have become indispensable things in my home, which make my life easier and more convenient. Sometimes, I go to the balcony at night to collect clothes and dry them. After I get back to the room, I remember that the lights on the balcony are not off, and I have to run back to the balcony to turn off the lights. After the smart switch is installed, you can directly use the voice control or mobile phone to switch, without running back to turn off the lights.
  From the experience of use, remote control of the Internet of Things, timer switch, I will give examples of two use scenarios:
Scenario 1: Before going to bed, it was discovered that the light was not turned off, and there was no need to climb out of the bed, and directly turn off the light by hand;
  Scenario 2: After returning home from getting off work, lying on the sofa, I found that the balcony and bathroom lights were not turned off, and there was no need to go back to the door to turn off the lights, just turn off the lights on the phone.
  There are so many switches on the market, why did I choose TB21?
  First, because of its beauty, TB21 has two colors, gold and white. The overall decoration of my home is warmer. Many switches on the market are white. So when I saw the golden one, I felt like the overall decoration style of my home. Great match
  Second, the installation is quite flexible, from one to three openings, and it can be installed horizontally and vertically, which is very suitable for the different needs of my home in various scenarios. At that time, in order to match the overall style of my home, I chose the golden one. In addition to the basic standard version, there are also three versions: ZigBee version, single firewire version, and mutual control version;
  Third, safety considerations, because they are home appliances, safety must be considered. In addition to overload protection, TB21 also uses fireproof materials. Unlike other plastic brackets commonly used in switches, TB21 uses a stronger metal bracket.
  The last reason is the applicable specifications because living in the United States, the specifications of TB21 appliances happen to be applicable to the standards of North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.
  For the above reasons, I choose Hidintech Smart Switch TB21.
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