The Best Smart Wi-Fi Switches For Electrical Contractor Supplies Wholesale

The Best Smart Wi-Fi Switches To Make Your Abode Lighting Smarter

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Update time : 2020-10-17 14:08:53
Converting the whole home into a smart home can be a difficult and expensive project if you decide to go full throttle. There are a few products that make it easy for electrical contractor supplies to dip your toes into the smart home market without going full blast into it for those new to the modern home game. This will bring you more high-end customers and more profit, as every household could afford it and need it. 

What is a smart light switch?

A smart wireless light switch is like a normal light switch that you attach to your wall to control lights, fans, or electrical outlets. You also have the option of using the switch with your smartphone via an app. Smart plugs have similar functions. This allows you to turn on the phone, set schedules, and connect the lights to other smart devices in your home. It can be useful if you connect a smart doorbell to a smart light switch Google Home Alexa so that the light automatically turns on when someone rings the doorbell.

Benefits of using a smart home light switch

To help you decide if it's worth it, let's take a look at some of the best benefits of smart Wifi switches for you and your customers.

Why consider smart electrical products for your business?

Smart home is the future trend, and the market for smart switches is very large. It could not only quickly solve the unreasonable original wiring layout, but also improve the home decoration to a higher level. You could quickly expand the business scope on the original basis so as to obtain better customers.

Smart home is the future trend, which can quickly expand the business scope on the original basis. So as to acquire better customers. 

For your customers, they will get the below benifit after installing the wifi smart switch from you.

Few people would say that one of the most important benefit of smart switches is convenience, which makes it easy to control your lights with your smartphone or tablet.

From the main functions of turning on and off and dimming with your voice or an app, to a number of very smart things like the lights that come on automatically when you enter the room, smart light switch dimmers can adjust your bedroom lighting and slowly get brighter when you wake up. 

With a smart light switch wifi, you can even do a whole-house rule program to turn off all lights when you leave the house automatically. All this while retaining the existing ability to manually activate the wall switch to make it easy to turn on and off for families or guests in your home.

Convenience has come home and is the number one reason to improve your home's lighting.

Greater control

When you connect your smart lighting system to other smart devices, things get really interesting.

From sensors and geofencing to event-based automation, you can create a truly personalized experience and let your home technology do the work for you.

What does all this mean?

When you're a few blocks from your front door, your hallway lights come on (no one likes coming home to a dark, empty house), your living room blinds close, and Alexa starts playing your favorite song.

These multi-device interactions can tailor the technology in your home to suit your lifestyle and benefit your daily life and routine.

Better security

From the simplest schedules; turning lights on or off to make it look like there are people in your house when you are actually on vacation, to smart outdoor lighting connected to motion sensors that light up your garden when the sensor is triggered, smart lighting is a good step towards a safer home.

It's no surprise that smart security systems are one of the fastest growing technologies in the smart home. And smart wifi light switches are an important part of a smarter, safer home for your family.

Cheaper power bills

Little things like forgetting to switch off the lights when there is no one at home add up to energy wastage, resulting to higher electricity bills. You can reduce utility bills by installing a smart switch.

It shows that the average home can achieve energy savings of up to 60% by intergrating dimming and occupancy sensing in a home.

And that's before you even consider using LED lights instead of traditional bulbs.

This means that when combined, you can save a lot more.

Your mileage depends on usage. However, this is a real indicator that your smart llght switch project could have paid for itself in the first few years, if not earlier.

It should also be noted that smart switches are a cheaper alternative to smart bulbs. One smart switch can control several bulbs, and the cost of some smart bulbs is similar to the price of a one smart switch.

How do smart switches work?
Smart Switches are linked to your home system, offering access through WiFi to control the switch remotely with an app on your tablet smartphone.

You can still turn the light on or off as before by turning the power switch on the wall. This is definitely a good thing when you have guests or when your phone is not there.

They can be run by smart life app on mobile phone or by voice input through a smart speaker for even more control.

The best part is that they also work well from hundreds of miles away - so don't worry if you leave the lights on in the bedroom.

Intelligent lighting control

All smart switches use a radio transmitter to communicate with each other and connect to your home network. In this way, you can access the "smart" function via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can access the app over WiFi, but this common communication standard is not always how each switch communicates with each other.

There are many types of transmission frequencies and protocols used in smart home technology. The most common types are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave.

What are the functions of smart Wifi switches?

In addition to on / off, dimming and scene control, smart light switches can offer other functions that allow even more customization options and creative solutions. If you need 3-way switch support or built-in motion sensors, look for products with these features to find the best option. Some smart Wifi switches can be plugged into smart sockets, so you can control a reading light with a traditional bulb, Christmas tree light, or your space heater, and set up a shut-off timer so you don't accidentally leave it on all night!
With smart home devices getting home faster than ever, smart Wifi Switch is probably the easiest to use and install.

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