Wifi Controlled Dimmer Switch Fade from off to the Last Brightness Setting
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Why does dimmer switch fade from off to the last brightness setting?

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Update time : 2020-05-22 11:43:35
When I push the button to turn on the lights, the dimmer switch fades them from off to the last brightness setting they were at when turned off.  Is there a way to push the button and have them at full brightness and not fade from 0-100 percent?  Just on 100% like a typical light switch does?  Thank you.

  The setting was programmed when design. So the wifi controlled dimmable switch couldn't turn on or off 100% like a typical light switch. Of course, customized bulk production could change it. 
  Our technician considered this problem at the beginning. And we always put health and safety in the first place. As sudden glare is not good for the eyes, our technician makes the lights gradually on or off in order to protect our eyes. This allows the eyes to slowly adapt to the light or darkness.
  Thanks for the question. 
  Hope you have a good day!

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