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Hidintech smart home products pursued by young consumers

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Update time : 2020-11-02 17:37:01
With the rise of the single economy, smart home has become an important part of the single economy. Hidintech smart home equipment allows singles to live alone in a decent and comfortable life. Eating alone, sleeping alone, shopping alone, watching movies alone... is currently ushering in the biggest wave of singles in history.

     Because there is no family pressure and burden, the consumption motives of single groups are basically self-demand-oriented. Because there is no family burden, the saving propensity of single people is significantly lower than that of non-single people, but the marginal propensity to consume is much higher than that of non-single people. Convenience, pleasure, and emotional sustenance have become the consumption trends of single groups. Smart homes that are easy to use, interactive, and free of hands have become popular with the rise of the "single economy".

     Smart home that frees hands becomes an explosion

     Under work pressure, the time that singles can freely spend is limited. They are more willing to spend time and spend money to buy convenience. Therefore, smart home products that can free hands are quickly becoming popular among single groups.

    Happiness is that you can take a comfortable hot bath in the cold winter. Combined with the hidintech smart socket, you can remotely turn on the air conditioner and water heater at home through your mobile phone on the way after get off work, and you will be surrounded by warmth once you get home. Living alone is too monotonous. Contemporary single young people love to use smart speakers, which can turn on the lights and close the curtains with their mouths. Tired of hands-on sanitation, set the mode, the associated sweeping robot will move on its own, and it can clean up the house when lying down.

     After satisfying the basic rigid needs of life, we will also consider the happiness that the product itself brings to ourselves. The home will buy things that meet our own aesthetic standards. Smart homes are often beautiful in design and simple in style. This is why it is used in single groups. The reason for the popularity.

      "Three highs" youth have higher life requirements

       The increase in the single population has brought about changes in the consumption structure. The "three high" groups (high income, high education, high IQ) represented by the post-85s and post-90s have a new way of life: fast-paced life, accustomed to online shopping, going to the kitchen is not a fruitful diet, more like social or Sentiment, high frequency of washing clothes, high demands, and can’t wait or want to wait for time.

      Obviously, in the face of the small personality of young people, the mechanized operation of traditional home appliances is not competent. Therefore, smarter home products that are more technological, trendy and more convenient have quickly become popular among singles.

     With the blessing of AI intelligence and other technologies, young people can easily achieve "communication" with home appliances, while smart homes will distinguish and actively serve according to instructions to help them solve food storage, laundry care, and daily cooking. A set of ecosystems that cover the needs of life have greatly improved the family experience of young people.

     Many lights and electrical appliances in the room are connected to the smart home and can be controlled by mobile phones or voice. It can be determined that smart homes will play an increasingly important role in future families. Smart life led by smart homes and the resulting sense of control and comfort is one of the important directions pursued by young consumers.
        The single group is an important indicator of changes in future consumption trends. Hidintech smart home products are rich and diverse, self-developed smart switches, smart sockets, smart garage door switches, smart lights, etc., to create intimate smart life scene experience for users, and provide spiritual comfort and convenience for singles.
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